Beyond the Fence: A virtual tour of a Canadian penitentiary - Minimum-security cell

This is a minimum-security cell at Collins Bay Institution, located in Kingston, Ontario. An inmate's day follows the routine of the institution. On a regular day, inmates may attend correctional programs, educational programs, or job training, which contribute to their rehabilitation. Inmates are not restricted in their movement throughout the institution. This creates a sense of responsibility and prepares them for life in the community.

Personal Effects

Just as in medium-security institutions, each inmate has a personalized list of items they’re allowed to keep. Unauthorized items will be confiscated, which could result in an institutional charge against the inmate.

Additional Responsibility

Inmates in minimum-security institutions are provided with additional responsibility when it comes to managing their time and movement through the institution. Movement is permitted from morning until evening, and inmates spend their day attending correctional programs, school, employment, and other rehabilitation activities identified in their Correctional Plan. Inmates are responsible for managing their time appropriately.