Contract 1911481

Vendor Name: 651733 BC LTD
Reference Number: 1911481
Contract Date: 2012-08-30
Description of Work: 0859 Other Business Services not Elsewhere Specified
Contract Period: 2012-10-12 to 2016-01-17
Delivery Date:
Contract Value: $334,950.00
Comments: Construction supervision services

Former Public Servant in receipt of a pension under the Public Service Superannuation Act: .

This is a Contract that includes one or more amendments.

Debriefing Unsuccessful Bidders

The following is CSC practice for debriefing all unsuccessful bidders:

After award of a contract resulting from a competitive process, CSC provides a debriefing upon request to unsuccessful bidders. The debriefing can be provided in writing, verbally or in person, according to the bidder's preference.

For contracts exceeding $10,000.00, bidders should contact the appropriate CSC contracting authority.

For contracts less than $10,000.00, bidders should contact the CSC manager responsible for procuring the goods or services.

CSC can only discuss the contents of the requester's bid and cannot discuss the contents of other bids.

For all additional information please contact the appropriate Regional Manager, Contracting & Materiel Services at the following coordinates:

(506) 851-6290
(506) 851-6327
(450) 664-6617
(450) 664-6626
(613) 545-8004
(613) 536-4571
(306) 975-4876
(306) 975-6238
(604) 851-6464
(604) 870-2574
National Capital
(613) 943-9616
(613) 992-1217