Canada's Correctional System: A Team Effort - Activities

Canada's Correctional System: A Team Effort

Classroom activities

  1. Based on actual events (taken from newspaper articles, news reports on television), follow a criminal case. Focus on the roles of the various players involved—police, courts, correctional services and parole boards.
  2. Would you volunteer to work in corrections? Discuss what motivates people to volunteer in correctional environments and the impact their work could have from both personal and community perspectives.

Note to teacher: It may be a good idea to guide the discussion towards the concept of community involvement and social responsibility. Some students may find it strange that services are provided by volunteers rather than by employees, so emphasize the importance of volunteerism in society and the independent nature of citizen advisory committees—that independence would not exist if they were paid to do the work they do.

Proposed external resources

A meeting with a police officer/investigator would be useful for an added element of experience.

The Correctional Service of Canada's Speakers Bureau can help. Contact us at