Helping the Offender - Activities

Helping the Offender

Classroom activities

1. If the group is willing, a conflict resolution activity in the form of mediation or a healing circle could allow specific application of the concepts explained in this module. A real or simulated conflict could be chosen and an attempt to resolve it made through discussion, expression of the feelings experienced by the victim or victims and the offender or offenders, in order to reach a restitution agreement. Restorative justice could be a regular activity in the classroom, to resolve problems throughout the school year.

2.1. Divide the class into small groups; each group will research a specific type of restorative justice and present their findings to the whole class.

2.2 Discuss the impact of the crime on the immediate family and the community as a whole. What may be the feelings of those close to an inmate? Who could help them overcome their problems?

Proposed external resources

A meeting with a chaplain or someone who has participated in a restorative justice process.

The Correctional Service of Canada's Speakers Bureau can help. Contact us at