A Program for Every Inmate: Meeting Specific Needs - Activities

A Program for Every Inmate: Meeting Specific Needs

Classroom activities

1. Summarize the different challenges facing CSC in terms of physical and mental health and establish a comparison with the Canadian population; discuss in more detail the impacts of one of these challenges on the institutional setting: Why is this a significant problem? Do you agree with the special measures adopted?

2. Choose one of the specific groups for which CSC implemented special programs, and research the matter. Present the results of your research (individually or in a team) by highlighting this group’s special needs, the reasons explaining them, and the differences reintegration approaches.

Proposed external resources

Meeting with a worker involved in the program that most affects students or best reflects their community’s reality.

The Correctional Service of Canada's Speakers Bureau can help. Contact us at http://appsweb.csc-scc.gc.ca/bureau/welu.do?lang=eng.