Ethnocultural services

Offenders belonging to ethnocultural minority groups often have specific needs based on race, language, culture, or belief system. The federal correctional system works to address these needs to help preserve and promote cultural identity and practices.

Interventions, services and activities are in place to:

  • Help offenders value their culture
  • Emphasize the value of their culture in their social transformation process
  • Enable them to think critically about the marginalization they may experience and stereotypes that they may hold or face

There are several programs and services in place for ethnocultural offenders, many of which have been developed with partners such as the various Ethnocultural Advisory Committees.

These social and cultural tools help ethnocultural offenders adjust to their sentences. They also help to guide them through the system, and successfully reintegrate into the community.

Get involved

Sharing your time, expertise, and encouragement with ethnocultural offenders under CSC jurisdiction can make an important contribution to public safety. As a CSC volunteer you can:

  • Act as a positive role model.
  • Work with offenders from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Help offenders access services to re-direct their lives.
  • Help released offenders re-adjust to life in the community.
  • Provide advice to CSC, based on community feedback.

Join us! Become a volunteer with CSC.

Policies and Legislation

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Commissioner's Directive 767: Ethnocultural Offenders: Services and Interventions

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