Correctional Programs

Correctional Programs

For more details, please consult our list of correctional programs.

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) offers various national correctional, educational, social and vocational programs at each institution.

Correctional programs are structured interventions that address empirically-validated factors directly linked to offenders' criminal behaviour, in order to reduce re-offending by helping offenders make positive changes.

Educational programs provide offenders with the basic literacy, academic and personal development skills that are needed to succeed in the community. By increasing educational levels, these programs can also help offenders participate in correctional and vocational programs.

Social programs promote positive social, personal and recreational activities amongst offenders.

Finally, vocational programs provide offenders with relevant job training to increase employment opportunities.

In addition, CSC is required to offer programs that respect gender, ethnic, cultural and linguistic differences, and are responsive to the special needs of women, Aboriginal offenders, offenders requiring mental health care and other groups.

CSC also offers a variety of regional or local initiatives to meet the needs of the local offender population.