Institutional profiles: Quebec region: Cowansville Institution

Cowansville Institution

Cowansville Institution

400 Fordyce Avenue
Cowansville, Quebec
J2K 3N7

Tel: (450) 263-3073
Fax: (450) 263-0325

Cowansville Institution, a medium-security facility, is located in Cowansville, Quebec, about 100 kilometres east of Montréal.

Cowansville Institution, the first of its type in Canada, was opened in 1966. The medium-security institution for young offenders was an integral part of the penitentiary organization in Quebec Region, which included an inmate intake centre, maximum, medium and minimum security institutions, a medical and psychiatric centre, a special correction unit and a pre-release centre. Cowansville Institution was built to intensify the rehabilitation program for inmates who demonstrated good dispositions. They were carefully chosen beforehand and had to show that they were seriously thinking of taking advantage of the program and improving their social behaviour.

Cowansville Institution is a stand-alone medium-security facility with direct observation living units.

Rated capacity: 599

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