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Bowden Institution

Bowden Institution

Highway #2
PO Box 6000
Innisfail, Alberta
T4G 1V1

Tel: (403) 227-3391
Fax: (403) 227-6022

Bowden Institution is located on Highway 2 approximately 100 kilometres north of Calgary near the communities of Innisfail and Bowden.

Bowden Institution opened as a medium-security facility in 1974. In 1992 a minimum security farm annex was completed. Farm operations ceased in 2009, however, the minimum security annex remained open.

Bowden Institution is a clustered facility with a minimum site based on a residential design model consisting of small group accommodation houses and a medium security site based on an open campus design model with direct observation cell ranges.

Medium security site rated capacity: 470

Minimum security site rated capacity: 130

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