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Drumheller Institution

Drumheller Institution

Highway #9
PO Box 3000
Drumheller, Alberta
T0J 0Y0

Tel: (403) 823-5101
Fax: (403) 823-8666

Drumheller Institution is a medium-security facility with a minimum-security annex, situated south-east of the Town of Drumheller just off of Highway #9 and approximately 132 kilometres east of Calgary, Alberta. 

Drumheller Institution was first opened in 1967 as a Medium Security Facility. In 1997, a Minimum Security Facility adjacent to the Medium Facility was opened. Drumheller Institution opened additional Program/Administrative areas to facilitate the increase to program/intervention and administrative services in September 2015.

It has been an integral part of the community during this time, especially in terms of community engagement and the provision of a stable economic and employment base for the surrounding area.

Drumheller Institution is a clustered site (medium/minimum-security institution) for male offenders. The older units are centred on a courtyard with the support building ranged within a surrounding fence connected by breeze ways that are used to control movement.

The minimum security unit is based on a residential design model consisting of small group accommodation houses and a medium-security facility based on a structured campus design model with direct observation cell ranges.

Medium security site rated capacity: 582

Minimum security site rated capacity: 122

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