Institutional profiles: Pacific region: Kwìkwèxwelhp Healing Village

Kwìkwèxwelhp Healing Village

Kwìkwèxwelhp Healing Village

P. O. Box 110,
Harrison Mills, British Columbia
V0M 1L0

Tel: (604) 796-1650
Fax: (604) 796-8431

Kwìkwèxwelhp Healing Village is located approximately 140 kilometres east of Vancouver, British Columbia in the community of Harrison Mills. The site includes land granted to Correctional Service Canada (CSC) under the terms of a special use permit from the Province of British Columbia.

The closest neighbouring community to the institution is the Sts’ailes First Nation community.

The institution originally opened as Elbow Lake Institution in 1976. In 2001, Elbow Lake Institution was renamed Kwìkwèxwelhp Healing Village and has the only longhouse within Canada’s correctional facilities. The institution is known as the fifth longhouse on the traditional territory of Sts’ailes. 

Kwìkwèxwelhp Healing Village is a standalone minimum security facility that does not conform to any of the traditional complex design features.

Rated capacity: 50

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