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Mountain Institution

Mountain Institution

4732 Cemetery Road
PO Box 1600
Agassiz, British Columbia
V0M 1A0

Tel: (604) 796-2231
Fax: (604) 796-1450

Mountain Institution is located in the upper Fraser Valley near the community of Agassiz, British Columbia. The institution is located approximately 123 kilometres from Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Institution opened in 1962 as a detention centre for the Sons of Freedom Doukhobors, both male and female. Inmate accommodation consisted of dormitory-style metal huts with small living areas to discourage the traditional burning of buildings that characterized the Doukhobor method of protest. Female Doukhobor inmates were released in 1964 and older non-Doukhobor male inmates were admitted, changing the population dynamic. Many of these original buildings remain in use, but now have been modified to suit the needs of the institution.

Mountain Institution is a standalone medium security facility with direct observation cell ranges.

Rated capacity: 440

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