I am very pleased to introduce readers to Ron Wiebe, who was my friend as well as an extraordinary correctional professional.

Ron Wiebe was a memorable man. He knew where he was going and was not afraid to boldly experiment with new methods in order to realize his goals. His struggle to improve his profession was driven not by a desire for personal attention, but always with the goal of improving the contribution of corrections to public safety.

Ron's curiosity, intelligence and practical approach to correctional management were coupled with a decisive and energetic personality. As a result, when Ron was around, things happened. He became a role model for many of us. His moral authority made him a natural leader in his field. In particular, Ron's interests lead him to become closely identified with restorative justice and Aboriginal corrections.

The following pages reflect Ron's wish to leave us with some observations and thoughts that would survive him. He worked hard to share his ideas with us despite the draining effects of his illness. For Ron, there was no question of giving up or ceasing to reflect. My last conversation with him at his bedside the day before his death centred primarily on the future of Aboriginal corrections in our country. He was concerned that CSC's interest in the area would fade over time.

Read his thoughts and use them for inspiration - the greatest way that we can honour Ron's memory is by keeping his dreams alive.

Ole Ingstrup

Ole Ingstrup
Correctional Service of Canada
1988 to 1992 and 1996 to 2000