Working with offenders

Assisting offenders in becoming law-abiding citizens as they prepare for their release from an institution is one of the most impactful contributions the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) makes to keep Canadian communities safe. As such, preparing an offender to return safely to the community encompasses many activities pertaining to case management and programming.

In addition to programs, CSC also provides health care services, inmate employability programs and chaplaincy services to all offenders.

Correctional process

CSC’s goal is to assist inmates to become law-abiding citizens. The correctional process begins at sentencing. From the time an offender is initially assessed, through case management and to supervision in the community, there is a team of dedicated professionals working closely with the offender.

Women's corrections

Safe and supportive correctional environments for women offenders provide them with opportunities that empower, build dignity and respect, and help rebuild their lives as law-abiding citizens. Find out more about the advances in federal corrections for women offenders.

Indigenous corrections

CSC's strategic plan for Indigenous corrections ensures a federal correctional system that responds to the needs of Indigenous offenders and contributes to safe and healthy communities.

Ethnocultural Initiatives

Cultural understanding and activities can play a major role in the successful reintegration of offenders into the community. Find out more about how CSC helps offenders learn about their culture, its value and how it can help them build support networks as they prepare for release.


CORCAN is a key rehabilitation program of the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC). It provides employment and employability skills training to offenders in federal institutions, and for brief periods of time, after they are released into the community.

Health services

Offender health contributes to inmate rehabilitation and successful reintegration in the community. Offenders are provided with efficient, effective health services that encourage individual responsibility, promote healthy reintegration, and contribute to safe communities.

Community corrections

Helping offenders change the attitudes and behaviours that led to criminal activity starts in the institutional setting, but must continue in the community where almost all offenders eventually return. Offenders have a better chance of success if they receive supervision, opportunities, training and support.

Chaplaincy services

CSC provides chaplaincy services to offenders, staff and their respective families, both in penitentiaries and in the community. Learn more about religion, spirituality and CSC.

Structured Intervention Units

Structured interventions, programming and health care will be available to inmates in a safe and secure environment to address their specific risks and needs, with the goal of getting them back into a mainstream inmate population as soon as possible.