Commissioner's Directive 002
Designation of Release Sites Other Than Penitentiaries

Commissioner's Directive

Number: 002

In Effect: 2018-06-25

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Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA), sections 92 and 93


To identify processes required to designate sites other than penitentiaries from which offenders may be released


Applies to staff responsible for designating places, other than penitentiaries, from which offenders may be released



  1. Regional Deputy Commissioners will ensure that agreements are in place with police detachments to release offenders, where required.
  2. When an offender’s conditional release has been revoked, terminated or interrupted, they can be released from a provincial institution without being returned to a penitentiary.
  3. In these cases, the Area Director or designate (of the parole office responsible for the offender) will:
    1. confirm with the Chief, Sentence Management, that the offender is eligible to be released and on what type of release
    2. advise the Director of the provincial institution in writing of their authority to release the offender.

Interim Commissioner,


Original signed by:

Anne Kelly

Annex A

CD 703 – Sentence Management
CD 712 – Case Preparation and Pre-Release Framework
CD 715 – Community Supervision Framework

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