Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 152

What is new/changed?

Commissioner's Directive 351 - Employee Clothing Entitlements
Commissioner's Directive 352 - Inmate Clothing Entitlements

Why was the policy changed?

Previously, employee and inmate clothing entitlements were included in CD 350 - Materiel Management. This information was excluded from the revised Commissioner's Directive 350, now entitled "Materiel and Supply Management Services", and instead two new Commissioner's Directives were created to address employee and inmate clothing entitlements.

What is the purpose of the change?

To ensure CSC's policies concerning employee and inmate clothing are current and that they are communicated to staff and inmates in a manner consistent with the CSC policy framework.

How was it developed?

The CDs were developed by the policy owner in consultation with the Regional Chiefs, Materiel Management and staff from the Correctional Operations and Programs, Women Offenders, Legal Services, and the Policy, Planning and Coordination Sectors at NHQ. Consultation occurred with the Correctional Investigator and with representatives of UCCO. Inmate Committees were also given an opportunity to review the inmate clothing entitlements, in accordance with section 74 of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act.


Specific accountabilities are clearly reflected within the Commissioner's Directives and on the CSC Knowledge Centre.

Who will be affected by the policy?

CSC staff will be affected by CD 351 - Employee Clothing Entitlements. Inmates will be affected by CD 352 - Inmate Clothing Entitlements.

Expected cost?


Other impacts?


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