Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 257

Why was the policy changed?

Interim Guidelines 005-1 have been amended in order to bring greater clarity where required, pending the release of a new Commissioner's Directive on Management Structures aimed at establishing national norms for regional operations that will include these guidelines.

What has changed?

Annex A - Roles and Responsibilities was amended to clarify the ratio of Manager, Assessment and Intervention (MAI). The formula is still based on the number of Parole Officers but a maximum supervision ratio has been introduced.

The following institutions now have an additional Manager, Assessment and Intervention: Atlantic, Westmorland, Kent, Montée Saint-François and Archambault.

In addition, technical amendments were made to the guidelines.

How was it developed?

The policy owner revised the existing guidelines in consultation with the Regional Management Teams and Sector Heads.


Specific accountabilities are reflected within the Guidelines 005-1.

Who will be affected by the policy?

Staff working in institutions.

Expected cost?

The 2008-09 Resource Indicators have been amended to reflect the new MAI ratio.

Other impacts?



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