Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 312

Why was the policy changed?

These guidelines were developed as a result of an Internal Audit dated October 21, 2008, Audit of Management of Section 81 agreements. This audit generated an action item to address guidelines for Negotiation, Management and Implementation of CCRA Section 81 agreements.

What has changed?

Presently no clearly defined national process exists within CSC to assess, negotiate, implement and manage section 81 agreements. Considering that section 81 facilities are not CSC facilities and are community managed, the need for a defined process is warranted to ensure administrative efficiency when assessing, implementing, negotiating and managing section 81 agreements.

How was it developed?

The Aboriginal Initiatives Directorate developed these guidelines in consultation with section 81 Directors, Regional Administrators of Aboriginal Initiatives, Deputy Commissioner for Women, EXCOM, Incident Investigations, Special Advisor to the Commissioner, Intergovernmental Relations Division, Assistant Commissioner, Health Services, Human Resource Management Sector, Legal Services, Linguistic Services and Strategic Policy Division.


All staff involved in negotiating, implementing and managing section 81 agreements.

Who will be affected by the policy?

All staff involved in negotiating, implementing and managing section 81 agreements.

Expected cost?

Potential start up costs of facilities and the funding required for formal proposals.

Other impacts?

Internal Services Directive 541-3 - Monitoring Financial Information: CCRA Section 81 Agreements, will follow.


  • Alvin Kube
  • Manager, Aboriginal Relations
  • 613-943-2463
  • Kubealp@csc-scc.gc.ca

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