Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 334

Why was the policy changed?

A new annex to Commissioner's Directive 060 - Code of Discipline has been added to:

  • reinforce staff accountability to report any mistreatment, harassment or discrimination towards offenders by staff; and
  • provide a process to promptly address and resolve staff allegations of mistreatment, harassment or discrimination by a staff member towards an offender whether or not a complaint/grievance has been made.

The actions of mistreatment, harassment and discrimination have been added within the body of the CD where applicable.

How was the process developed?

Several consultations have occurred with a number of stakeholders, including: Labour Relations; Rights, Redress and Resolution; Incident Investigations; Values and Ethics; Strategic Policy; Legal Services; and Correctional Operations and Programs Sector at National Headquarters. The Assistant Deputy Commissioners, Institutional Operations, were consulted, as well as the unions, the Office of the Correctional Investigator, the Citizen Advisory Committee National Executive Committee and the Canadian Human Rights Commission.


All staff.

Who will be affected by the policy?

All staff and offenders.

Expected cost?

The region will incur the cost of the fact finding/investigation, regardless of who convenes it.

Other impacts?



  • Marie Claude Dussault
  • Manager, Labour Relations, NHQ
  • 613-947-1590
  • MarieClaude.Dussault@CSC-SCC.GC.CA

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