Commissioner's Guidelines 340-1
Electronic Security Systems Scope

Commissioner's Guidelines

Number: 340-1

In Effect: 2017-03-05

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To define the systems that are in the scope of electronic security systems


Applies to all identified electronic security systems at all institutions and Community Correctional Centres

Table of Contents


  1. These guidelines provide the scope of systems to be installed and maintained by Electronic Security Systems at all institutions and Community Correctional Centres and to prevent unsupported systems that may not meet the requirements established for public, staff, and inmate safety, and for activity auditability.

System Responsibilities

  1. CD 340 – Electronic Security Systems applies to, but is not limited to the following six categories of electronic security systems and equipment:
    1. communications:
      1. staff radio systems
      2. intercom systems
      3. public address systems
      4. notification systems (pre-recorded public address)
      5. inmate telephone systems
      6. operational audio recording systems
      7. incident alarm systems
    2. control:
      1. living unit inmate area power control systems
      2. living unit inmate area light control systems
      3. door and barrier control systems
      4. administration area access control systems
    3. surveillance:
      1. night vision goggles
      2. perimeter motion sensor systems
      3. perimeter volumetric sensor systems
      4. perimeter field sensor systems
      5. perimeter intrusion detection systems
      6. closed circuit video camera systems
      7. closed circuit video management systems
      8. closed circuit video monitoring and review systems
      9. inmate telephone intercept systems
      10. inmate audio intercept systems
      11. telephone/audio intercept monitoring and review systems
      12. security patrol systems
      13. building alarm systems
    4. safety:
      1. inmate life sign monitoring
      2. personal portable alarms
      3. fixed point alarms
      4. inmate cell call systems
      5. site access recording systems
    5. contraband detection:
      1. baggage x-ray
      2. ion mobility scanners
      3. installed metal detectors
      4. radio frequency signal detection systems
    6. infrastructure:
      1. electronic key management systems
      2. television reception and wired distribution to inmate common areas and cells
      3. electronic security system local area network
      4. electronic security system data archival storage and back-up
      5. electronic security system Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems
      6. electronic security system shared databases
      7. electronic security system alarm, warning, and event logging
      8. electronic security system time synchronization
    7. any new technologies or systems in the above categories.

Excluded Systems

  1. CD 340 – Electronic Security Systems does not cover the following systems:
    1. Information Management Services equipment
    2. electronic-based appliances used in kitchens, industry shops, and other non-security operations, except as included above
    3. electronic health care equipment
    4. inmate owned and operated equipment
    5. covert intelligence gathering systems, except identified audio intercept systems
    6. fire protection and alarm systems.

Assistant Commissioner,
Corporate Services


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Denis Bombardier

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