Commissioner's Directive

Employee Clothing Entitlements


  1. To identify clothing entitlements for employees of the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), including uniforms, special occupational clothing and protective clothing.
  2. To ensure that CSC employees who wear the Correctional Officer uniform do so in a consistent manner which reflects positively on themselves and on the Service.
  3. To permit the easy identification of Correctional Officers by inmates, other staff and the general public.


  1. Uniforms Directive, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat


  1. Guidelines 351-1 - CSC Uniforms, Dress Code and Scale of Issue

    Commissioner's Directive 060 - Code of Discipline

    Standards of Professional Conduct in the Correctional Service of Canada


  1. Technical Services at National Headquarters shall establish the type and specifications of items which comprise the Correctional Officer uniform and other employee clothing entitlements.
  2. The frequency and scale or quantity of issue of employee clothing items shall be determined by Technical Services at National Headquarters.
  3. The Director of the Staff College shall prescribe the frequency and scale of issue for the Correctional Training Program clothing items.
  4. The Institutional Head shall ensure that sufficient funding is available to meet all local clothing-related requirements. Local purchases of protective clothing and other items such as safety glasses, safety helmets and footwear, and all initial alterations to Service-issued clothing shall be funded from the individual Materiel Management or Institutional Services budget.
  5. The Institutional Head and the Director of the Staff College shall establish the effective dates for summer and winter order of dress for their respective areas of authority.
  6. All CSC employees are responsible for the care, safekeeping and appropriate use of the clothing items assigned to them.


  1. The following groups of employees are entitled to the full scale of issue of the Correctional Officer uniform:
    1. Correctional Officers/Primary Workers, including Admission and Discharge Officers and Visits and Correspondence Officers, at institutions where uniforms are authorized; and
    2. Correctional Managers.


  1. For further information or clarification on this subject, please contact the Manager, Institutional Services, Technical Services at National Headquarters.


Original signed by:
Don Head

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