Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 384

Why was the policy changed?

As per Policy Bulletin 370, issued on August 8, 2012, changes were made to the above-noted Commissioner’s Directives to reflect the decision made by the Commissioner’s Management Team in early August.

This decision resulted in a modification to the Authorized Items List for Staff and Official Visitors.

In addition, the definition of "consent letter concerning a minor" in CD 566-1 was changed following a legal opinion.

What has changed?

The Authorized Items List for Staff and Official Visitors, which is Annex B to the three above-noted CDs, has been modified to list the persons who will be permitted to bring their Blackberry/cellular phones/pagers and/or tablet type devices into institutions, with the approval of the Institutional Head. These persons are:

  • Commissioner;
  • Regional Deputy Commissioners;
  • Wardens;
  • Deputy Wardens;
  • Assistant Wardens;
  • Security Intelligence Officers;
  • Doctors;
  • Police; and
  • Emergency Services personnel.

CD 566-1 also states that the Institutional Head can authorize entry of these personally-owned devices to other persons in exceptional circumstances.

The previous definition of "consent letter concerning a minor" in CD 566-1 included the requirement for this letter to be certified. This has been found to be too onerous a requirement and therefore, the definition has been amended.


All staff and official visitors are responsible for obtaining prior authorization from the Institutional Head for their items. In addition, they are also responsible for ensuring appropriate signing in and out of equipment and for safeguarding the authorized items while in the institution.

Who will be affected by the policy?

All staff and official visitors.

Expected cost?


Other impacts?


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