Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 412

Why was the policy changed?

Commissioner’s Directive 023 has been revised in order to help bring consistency, where required, to the management of Citizen Advisory Committees (CACs) and to better reflect roles and responsibilities.  As well, the format of the Commissioner’s Directive, and of the Guidelines, has been revised to comply with the new format for national policies as per the Commissioner’s Directives Standardization Project.

What has changed?

The title of the CD was modified slightly to be consistent with the spelling of “Citizen Advisory Committee” as per the Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations.

The language has been modified to provide clarity and accuracy on the following:

  • where CACs should and need to be established;
  • reimbursement of expenses;
  • conflict of interest;
  • membership and renewals.

The revised policy clarifies the fact that a CAC may represent more than one operational unit.

Additional changes, including the reorganization of entire sections to reflect accountability at various levels, as well as the development of a new section on Committee Structure were made.

Guidelines 023-1 were developed to address conflict of interest situations for CAC membership.  Attached as an annex to the Guidelines is a conflict of interest assessment tool.

How was it developed?

The revised policy was developed by the Citizen Engagement Branch in the Communications and Engagement Sector in collaboration with the Executive Committee members, the Strategic Policy Division, the National Executive Committee of CACs and the Knowledge Networks which consisted of regional representatives and NHQ ad hoc members.


The responsibilities of the Assistant Commissioner, Communications and Engagement Sector, Regional Deputy Commissioners, Operational Unit Heads and CAC members are outlined in the Commissioner’s Directive.

Who will be affected by the policy?

All individuals involved in the establishment and management of Citizen Advisory Committees as well as current and prospective members and offenders.

Expected cost?

No expected cost.

Other impacts?



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