Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 432

Why was the policy changed?

This policy has been developed to streamline two guidelines found under the Commissioner's Directive (CD) 318 – Environmental Programs and to comply with CSC's ISD template.

The existing Guidelines 318-5 – Hazardous Waste Management will be deleted and Guidelines 318 7 – Solid Waste Measurement and Management will be replaced with this ISD.

What has changed?

This policy integrates two existing guidelines: 318-5 – Hazardous Waste Management and 318-7 – Solid Waste Measurement and Management. The ISD also includes new provisions and management practices of electronic and electrical equipment wastes (EEE-Waste).

How was it developed?

The ISD was developed by National Headquarters' Environmental Protection Programs Division, in consultation with Regional Headquarters and the Strategic Policy Division, and in line with applicable best practices.


Similarly to the first versions (Guidelines 318-5 and 318-7) that were promulgated in June 2003, the roles and responsibilities of the Chiefs, Facilities Management (CFM), and the CORCAN Operations Managers remain essentially the same. Therefore, there is no significant change in terms of accountability.

Who will be affected by the policy?

All Correctional Service Canada facilities are subject to this ISD.

Expected cost?

There are no additional costs expected.

Other impacts?

The addition of EEE-Waste stream will require, in some cases, sorting waste differently.


Paul Provost
Director, Environmental Protection Programs

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