Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 462

Why was the policy changed?

This Policy Bulletin provides new policy direction pending the update of Guidelines 005-1 – Institutional Management Structure: Roles and Responsibilities. The amendments, which are effective immediately, are a result of changes to Commissioner’s Directive 709 – Administrative Segregation, which was promulgated on March 10, 2014, and are being made to clarify the delegation of decision-making authority concerning private family visits.

What is new/changed?

Administrative Segregation

Daily Visits

The Institutional Head will visit the segregation unit on a daily basis. This responsibility cannot be delegated.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Chairperson of the Segregation Review Board (SRB)

The Deputy Warden will chair the Segregation Review Board for all 60-day reviews and subsequent reviews.

The Assistant Warden, level or above will chair the Segregation Review Board for 30-day reviews following placement in administrative segregation.

The Manager, Assessment and Interventions (MAI), or a Correctional Manager (CM), or a staff member at the same level or above will chair fifth-day reviews following placement in administrative segregation.

Visits and Correspondence

As indicated in CD 710-8 – Private Family Visits, the Institutional Head may delegate the authority to authorize private family visits.

How was it developed?

These changes were developed by the Institutional Reintegration Operations Division in collaboration with the Strategic Policy Division.


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