Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 468

Why was the policy developed?

In response to the June 9, 2014 Audit of Contraband Control in Institutions, a technical amendment was made to Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 568-5 – Management of Seized Items. .

What has changed?

Under the Seized Items section of CD 568-5, in the case of a search, the policy will no longer include mention of the Post Search Report (CSC/SCC 1365).

Pursuant to section 58 of the Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations, the Post Search Report (CSC/SCC 1365) will be completed by the person (Correctional Officer/Primary Worker) responsible for conducting the search, in accordance with CD 566-7 – Searching of Inmate, CD 566-8 –Searching of Staff and Visitors and/orCD 566-9 – Searching of Cells, Vehicles and Other Areas.

How was it developed?

The Preventive Security and Intelligence Division and the Security Operations Division conducted a review of the relevant policies.


The Institutional Head/District Director is responsible for establishing a process for the seizure and control of contraband and unauthorized items. 

Who will be affected by the policy?

Correctional Officers/Primary Workers and Seizure Control Officers.

Expected cost?


Other impacts?



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