Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 486

Why was the policy changed?

The FD 350-4 – Acquisition Cards was revised to update policy changes

What has changed?

The use of acquisition cards for the payment of temporary help services (THS) is now permitted, ensuring the proper procedures and approval process have been completed prior to the payment.

Clarification on the recommended usage has been provided regarding the requirement to create commitments (purchase orders or requisitions) when the acquisition card is used as a procurement or a payment tool.

A new restriction has been added regarding the use of the acquisition card as a procurement tool for contracts with terms and conditions. This restriction is necessary as terms and conditions establish contractual clauses that both parties must abide by (e.g. delivery date, payment terms, pricing) and protects both CSC and the vendor.

Clarification has been provided on the use of acquisition cards for the purchase and payment of hospitality expenses. The acquisition card can only be used, following required approvals, for a combined cost of under $200 for a single activity.

How was it revised?

The Contracting and Materiel Services Directorate revised the Financial Directive in consultation with the National Comptroller, Departmental Acquisition Card Coordinator, and Contracting and Materiel Services personnel.


All authorized purchasers of goods and services for CSC using and/or accountable for acquisition cards.

Who will be affected by the policy?

All CSC employees using and/or accountable for acquisition cards (cardholders, responsibility centre/budget managers, Contracting and Materiel Services, and Finance).


Stephanie Lane
Contracting and Materiel Services

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