Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 489

Why was the policy changed?

On February 18, 2015, EXCOM members approved changes for the issuance of CSC Badges pending the creation of a new Commissioner’s Directive (CD). The changes are being made to increase admissibility to the badge program and to reflect the practices in other organizations with a similar program.

What has changed?

Changes to admissibility of retired badges and acrylics:

  • Employees “retiring” from CSC as authorized individuals or who were formally authorized individuals are entitled to receive a replica badge stamped “Retired”, in commemoration of their service.
  • Employees with at least 10 years of exemplary service as authorized individuals are entitled to receive their numbered badge encased in acrylic upon leaving an authorized position or upon leaving CSC.
  • If a badge holder passes away, his/her numbered badge will be retired, encased in acrylic and presented to the immediate family in memoriam.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, the Commissioner or Senior Deputy Commissioner has the discretionary power to retire a numbered badge which will be encased in acrylic and given to the employee, as a memento, upon leaving or retiring from CSC.

Changes to the issuance of badges to recruits:

Recruits will be issued a numbered badge during graduation in Regina.

New complete list of authorized positions:

  • Commissioner
  • Senior Deputy Commissioner (SDC)
  • Regional Deputy Commissioners (RDC)
  • All Assistant Commissioners
  • Director General, Executive Services
  • All Director Generals, Correctional Operations and Programs Sector
  • Departmental Security Officer (DSO)
  • National Investigators
  • Assistant Deputy Commissioners, Correctional Operations (ADCCO)
  • Assistant Deputy Commissioners, Integrated Services (ADCIS)
  • Regional Directors, Health Services
  • Regional Administrators, Security (RA, Security)
  • Security Intelligence Officers (SIO)
  • Senior Project Officers, Intelligence
  • Security Intelligence Analysts (SIA)
  • Institutional Heads/District Directors
  • Associate District Directors
  • Area Directors (Community)
  • Parole Officer Supervisors (Community)
  • Deputy Wardens (DW)
  • Assistant Wardens, Operations (AWO)
  • Assistant Wardens, Intervention (AWI)
  • Assistant Wardens, Management Services (AWMS)
  • Correctional Managers
  • Correctional Officers/Primary Workers (All levels – CX)
  • Parole Officers (Institutional and Community)
  • Clinical Social Workers (Community)
  • Clinical Social Workers (Discharge Planners)
  • Community Mental Health Nurses
  • International Assignments

How was it developed?

These changes were developed by the Departmental Security Division following comments/suggestions received from employees and in collaboration with senior management.


Roles and responsibilities are detailed in Guidelines 563-1 – CSC Badges, which have not changed.

Who will be affected by the policy?

CSC employees who are in an authorized position to receive a CSC numbered badge.

Expected cost?


Other impacts?



Robert Maheu
Director, Departmental Security / DSO

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