Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 510

Why was the policy changed?

The Commissioner’s Directive 568-9 was revised and the previous Policy Bulletin #482 that was published on March 16, 2015 was incorporated in the revision.

Following a recommendation submitted by the National Board of Investigation, a new requirement must be satisfied regarding the use of offenders as human sources by external law enforcement agencies.

What has changed?

The Security Intelligence Officer is now required to contact external law enforcement agencies and the handler once every 12 months to confirm the use of a Correctional Service of Canada offender as a human source. Although the law enforcement agencies are not obligated to confirm such information, the contact and confirmation will need to be documented in an Intelligence Observation Report (CSC/SCC 1445) and placed in the operational file.

How was it developed?

The Preventive Security and Intelligence Division developed the new requirement in collaboration with Strategic Policy.


Institutional Head/District Director.

Who will be affected by the policy?

Security Intelligence Officers.

Expected cost?

Not applicable.


Guy Campeau
Director, Preventive Security and Intelligence

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