Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 524

Why was the policy changed?

Legislative changes (CCRA s. 40(r1)) allow for disciplinary action against an inmate found guilty of knowingly making a false claim for compensation from the Crown.

Additional technical updates needed to be made to both CD-234 and GL 234-1.

GL 234-1 were modified as a result of the Commissioner's Directives Standardization Project, resulting in a new look and stand-alone English and French versions.

What has changed?

Several modifications have been made to GL 234-1. These include:

  • a new look, resulting in stand-alone English and French versions
  • the definition of « cell » in Annex A has been clarified, and
  • CSC form 1375 – Classification of Inmate Injuries has been modified.

In addition, for both CD-234 and GL 234-1:

  • reference information, such as telephone numbers and position titles, has been updated
  • pursuant to recent legislative changes, inmates who knowingly make a false claim for compensation from the Crown commit a disciplinary offence. If found guilty, the claimant will be liable to sanctions in accordance with Commissioner's Directive 580 – Discipline of Inmates and
  • CSC form 0561 – Inmate Claim for Lost or Damaged Effects has been modified to include a warning to the inmate related to consequences for false claims.

How was it developed?

The CD and the GL were updated by the Corporate Services Sector with the assistance of Strategic Policy and in consultation with Security and Legal Services.


Roles and responsibilities are detailed in the policy documents.

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