Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 528

Why was the policy changed?

A single national supplier for inmate personal property purchasing is being introduced to create efficiencies in the procurement of goods for inmates. Inmate personal property will be purchased through a standardized catalogue of items and an online electronic storefront.

What has changed?

Effective April 1, 2016, staff will be required to manage all inmate personal property purchases through the new national supplier catalogue.  As such, paragraph 5a. of CD 566-12 that indicates the requirement for sites to establish a list of businesses from which goods will be purchased for inmates will no longer apply.

Only in exceptional circumstances will the Institutional Head authorize staff to leave the institution to purchase items for inmates.

Exceptions by the Institutional Head may be granted to compensate for differences where cultural and spiritual needs are concerned.

As required, the Institutional Head is responsible for revising current Standing Orders to address these changes.

How was it developed?

The National Committee on Inmate Purchasing and Procurement was established in 2010 to develop a national strategy to standardize inmate purchasing, and identify efficiencies in the procurement process. This initiative was developed through the work of the Committee.

Since February 2016, a National Implementation Team consisting of ADCIS/AWMS has been engaged to ensure institutional considerations for implementation were addressed.


Institutional Heads, Assistant Wardens, Management Services, Assistant Wardens, Operations, and staff involved in purchasing and administation of inmate personal property will ensure the implementation of this direction.

Who will be affected by the policy?

Staff who currently purchase offender personal property.

Staff involved in finance. All purchasing of offender personal property will be done via a Government Acquisition Card (GAC).


Expected cost?

None identified.

Other impacts?


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