Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 534

Why was the policy changed?

The Guidelines 709-1 – Administrative Segregation have been amended in order to modify sections of the Segregation Assessment Tool (SAT), which was recently updated in OMS. The updates are technical in nature and serve to clarify various sections of the SAT.

What has changed?

• Annex A of the Guidelines has been updated in order to reflect the changes completed in the SAT since its implementation in OMS.

  • Additional options have been provided in order to correctly answer questions.
  • All references to segregation being “Justified” or not have been replaced with segregation being “Recommended” or not.

• Annex B of the Guidelines has been updated in order to reflect the current grievance process.

• Annex B of the Guidelines has been clarified in order to reflect the process with the addition of the SAT in OMS.

  • The update was completed in order to match the structure of the SAT as displayed in OMS.

How was it developed?

The Security Operations, Procedures and Monitoring Division has revised the Guidelines in cooperation with the Strategic Policy Division.

Who will be affected by the policy?

All individuals involved in the administrative segregation process.

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