Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 555

Why was the policy changed?

Commissioner's Directive 578 has been updated to clarify the responsibilities of various staff and modify the application of the Intensive Intervention Strategy (IIS) to be inclusive of some inmates that reside outside specific units. This will strengthen the integration of interventions for the management of women inmates classified as maximum security and women inmates with mental health needs.

What has changed?

The following outlines the major changes made to the policy:

  • The scope of the policy has changed in order to reflect the application of the IIS to a broader range of inmates.
  • The policy now applies to all CSC operated women offender institutions/units, including services to some women inmates not residing in Structured Living Environments (SLE) or Secure Units.
  • Responsibilities of managers and staff have been further detailed to include additional individuals and provide the specific responsibilities.
  • The supervision role of the Behavioural Counsellor by the Chief, Mental Health Services, or delegated mental health professional has been clarified.
  • Admission to the SLE is a separate admission to actual participation in treatment (where consent is always required) and may occur without an inmate's consent.
  • Terminology and committees have been aligned with the current health policies.
  • Criteria for movement levels for women inmates residing in the Secure Unit have been modified with regards to access to activities and services off the Secure Unit. 
  • Off-unit movement levels for women inmates residing in the Secure Unit have been modified from four (4) levels to three (3) levels.
  • The updated movement levels are required to be implemented within 30 days following promulgation of this Commissioner's Directive.  

How was it developed?

These amendments were developed by the Women Offender Sector in consultation with the Strategic Policy Division. Consultation occurred with internal and external stakeholders, including inmate committees.


Roles and responsibilities are detailed in the policy documents.

Who will be affected by the policy?

The changes affect all staff working with women inmates at CSC operated women offender institutions/units.

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