Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 563

Why was the policy changed?

The Parole Board of Canada (PBC) recently made changes to post release decision reviews. Effective January 3, 2017, PBC started holding hearings following the suspension, termination or revocation of parole or statutory release, unless the offender waives the hearing or refuses to attend the hearing. This PBC policy change was communicated in a Memorandum to CSC Regional Deputy Commissioners on December 30, 2016.

CSC’s approval process (CPIC) for observers and assistants to attend PBC hearings on a federal reserve has been corrected to conform with the accountability framework set out in CD 566-1.

The CD has also been updated to improve the flow and enhance clarification in certain areas.

What has changed?

Major changes to the CD include:

Paragraph 6 e) of the CD specifies that hearings will also be held for reviews following a suspension, termination and revocation of parole or statutory release.

Access to CSC facilities by observers and assistants to attend hearings will comply with the process set out in CD 566-1 – Control of Entry to and Exit from Institutions. The requirement for CPIC checks has been removed.

Paragraph 18 c) has been moved up to align with the Parole Officer’s responsibilities.

Paragraph 22 has been expanded to include that an offender may waive their hearing for a review following a suspension, termination or revocation of parole or statutory release.

A new paragraph has been added in the section “Appeals” to provide guidance on the required documentation when the PBC Appeal Division orders a new review as documented in CD 712-1 – Pre-Release Decision-Making and CD 712-5 – Pre-Release Case Preparation for Provincial/Territorial Offenders and Federal Offenders Incarcerated in Provincial/Territorial Facilities.

Paragraph 28 has been removed because it falls under PBC’s authority.

Cross-references have been updated in Annex A.

How was it developed?

These changes to policy were made by Institutional Reintegration Operations, Departmental Security and Strategic Policy at NHQ, in consultation with PBC.

Who will be affected by the policy?

Staff involved with the preparation of and participation in Parole Board of Canada reviews.

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