Policy Bulletin

Policy Bulletin 564

Why was the policy changed?

Technical amendments have been made to CD 700 to include a Parole Officer responsibility pursuant to the Interim Policy Bulletin 523 dated 2016-02-15, and to reflect changes made to CD 710-2 – Transfer of Inmates, Guidelines (GL) 710-2-4 – Movement Within Clustered/ Multi-Level Institutions, and CD 710-8 – Private Family Visits.

What has changed?

Pursuant to the Interim Policy Bulletin 523 dated 2016-02-15, Parole Officers' responsibilities now include the requirement to complete comprehensive file reviews and to remain familiar with an offender’s history and specific circumstances.

Pursuant to CD 710-2, GL 710-2-4 and CD 710-8, Annex B of CD 700, entitled “Responsibilities Matrix – Case Management in Institutions”, has been amended to:

  • clarify the responsibilities of the Parole Officer, Primary Worker and Older Sister related to the completion of the Assessment for Decision for movement within clustered/multi-level institutions

  • remove the requirement to complete an Assessment for Decision and replace it with the completion of a Threat Risk Assessment for private family visits.

How was it developed?

These technical amendments were made by the Offender Programs and Reintegration Branch of the Correctional Operations and Programs Sector, in collaboration with the Strategic Policy Division.

Who will be affected by the policy?

Staff involved in correctional interventions


Roles and responsibilities are detailed in the policy document.

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