Policy Bulletin 581

Policy Bulletin

Number: 581

In Effect: 2017-12-04

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Guidelines 800-6 - Bleach Distribution

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Guidelines 800-6 - Bleach Distribution

Why the change?

These Guidelines were amended to address the proposed changes in the Compliance and Operational Risk Report (CORR) following an assessment completed in the fall of 2015.

The changes will ensure that the bleach distribution units are working properly in the institutions; that the inmate privacy is respected and the proper use of Bleach Kits instructions is easily accessible to all staff.

What has changed?

A sub-section (c) was added in paragraph 3 : “The bleach distribution dispensing equipment is inspected monthly to ensure it is in good working order”.

Paragraph 15 was revised and changed to eliminate the need to have the WHMIS Material Data sheet posted in the security posts.

The instruction sheet on the proper use of the Bleach Kit was added to the Guidelines as Annex C.

The term, 'Occupational Safety and Health Committee' was replaced with 'Workplace Health and Safety Committee' in order to be in line with the Canada Labour Code.

How was it developed?

These policy revisions were made by the Health Services Sector in collaboration with Strategic Policy and in consultation with the Regional Deputy Commissioners.


Health Services Sector and Human Resources Management.

Who will be affected by the change?

All staff responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the bleach program in institutions.

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