Policy Bulletin 587

Policy Bulletin

Policy number and titles:

CD 710-1 – Progress Again the Correctional Plan

CD 710-3 – Temporary Absences

CD 712-1 – Pre-Release Decision-Making

CD 712-5 – Pre-Release Case Preparation for Provincial/Territorial Offenders and Federal Offenders Incarcerated in Provincial/Territorial Facilities

CD 715-2 – Post-Release Decision Process

CD 784 – Victim Engagement

Why were the policies changed?

As a result of a legal consultation, the definition of Victim Statement in Annex A of the above-mentioned Commissioner’s Directives has been amended and will be amended accordingly at their next promulgation.

What has changed?

The definition for Victim Statement is now defined as follows:

Victim Statement: a written statement provided by the victim, pursuant to subsection 133(3.1) or 134.1(2.1) of the CCRA, describing the harm done or loss suffered as a result of the commission of an offence and the continuing impact on them – including any safety concerns – or commenting on the possible release of the offender. The statement will be considered in the pre-release decision-making process for consideration to impose conditions to protect the victim including a condition that the offender abstain from having any contact with the victim or from going to any specified place.

How were they developed?

This definition was amended in consultation with Victims Services, Legal Services and the Strategic Policy Division.

Who will be affected by the policies?

Staff involved in the provision of services to victims, case management staff and release decision makers.

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