Policy Bulletin 600

Policy Bulletin

Policy number and titles:

Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 764 – Access to Expressive Material

Guidelines (GL) 764-1 – Expressive Material

Why were these policies changed?

The above noted policy was modified in order to provide context surrounding offenders’ access to expressive material. The new GL 764-1 – Expressive Material, were developed to provide further clarity and guidance on this subject.

What has changed?

A complete review of CD 764 resulted in substantive revisions. The most significant are noted below:

GL 764-1 – Expressive Material

Created the new GL 764-1 – Expressive Material, to provide guidance on how to apply principles and procedures pursuant to the Commissioner’s Directive.

How were the policies developed?

The Correctional Operations and Programs Sector in collaboration with the Strategic Policy Division and the Technical Services and Facilities Branch developed these policies. Full consultations were held with internal and external stakeholders including the Inmate Committees.

Who will be affected by the policies?

Staff working with offenders, in institutions and in the community.

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