Policy Bulletin 609

Policy Bulletin

Number: 609

In Effect: 2018-08-07

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Guidelines 712-1-1 – CCRA Sections 84 and 84.1 Release Planning Process

Policy number and titles:

Guidelines 712-1-1 – CCRA Sections 84 and 84.1 Release Planning Process

Why was the policy changed?

These Guidelines were amended to strengthen the Correctional Service of Canada’s (CSC) continued commitment to Indigenous offenders. The amendments reinforce CSC’s response to the Office of the Auditor General’s report entitled “Preparing Indigenous Offenders for Release” by supporting releases into the community, access to culturally specific correctional programs and interventions and consideration of an offender’s Aboriginal social history.

What has changed?

Modifications have been made to more clearly outline the roles of Parole Officers, Aboriginal Liaison Officers (ALO), Aboriginal Community Development Officers (ACDO) and Aboriginal Community Liaison Officers (ACLO) with regard to sections 84 and 84.1 releases to the community.

Timeframes have been established identifying when to commence the Section 84 process. The guidelines identify that the institutional Parole Officer will provide notification to the ALO and ACDO if an offender expresses an interest in a Section 84 process, normally two years prior to the first eligible release date of the offender.

Annex A now contains an expanded list of relevant definitions. Annexes B, C and D have also been added and provide examples of sample letters that may be used throughout the section 84 process.

Annex E has been added and outlines the steps in the section 84 release planning process. These steps have been streamlined from 17 to 13 and moved from the body of the Guidelines to the newly established Annex E for easy reference.

How was it developed?

These Guidelines were modified by the Aboriginal Initiatives Directorate, in collaboration with the Reintegration Operations Division and the Strategic Policy Division, following consultations with internal and external stakeholders.


Roles and responsibilities are detailed in the Guidelines. These have not substantially changed since the Guidelines were last promulgated.

Who will be affected by the Guidelines?

Staff who are involved in the release of offenders under the provisions of sections 84 and 84.1 of the CCRA.

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