Policy Bulletin 611

Policy Bulletin

Number: 611

In Effect: 2018-09-10

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Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 708 – Special Handling Unit

Policy number and title:

Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 708 – Special Handling Unit

Why was the policy changed?

Amendments were made to clarify and streamline the reporting requirements found in the Assessment for Decision for maintaining inmates at the Special Handling Unit (Annex C).

What has changed?

Several amendments, including formatting changes, were made to Annex C, such that the information provided in the written report focuses primarily on the current review period and provides a general overview of the behaviour, degree of cooperation, and level of engagement demonstrated towards  interventions, including programs, in line with the inmate’s Correctional Plan. In addition, information on any outstanding charges or sentence appeals was removed from the Introductory Statement/Case Status section and added to the Overview of Review Period section. As well, the Psychological and Psychiatric Opinion was removed from its own section and included as an item upon which to be reported.

CD 001 – Mission, Values and Ethics Framework of the Correctional Service of Canada was added to the Cross-References section in Annex A.

How was it developed?

Amendments were made by the Security Branch in collaboration with the Senior Deputy Commissioner and the Institutional Heads of maximum security institutions, as members of the Special Handling Unit  National Advisory Committee. Due to the technical nature of the changes, formal consultation was not deemed necessary.

Who will be affected by the policy changes?

Case Management staff working at the Special Handling Unit, located at the Regional Reception Center in the Québec Region.

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