Policy Bulletin 621

Policy Bulletin

Number: 621

In Effect: 2018-12-03

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Commissioner’s Directive 784 – Victim Engagement

Policy number and title:

Commissioner’s Directive 784 – Victim Engagement

Why was the policy changed?

Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 784 has been amended to clarify procedural implications of engagement with victims.

What has changed?

A technical amendment was made to indicate that form CSC/SCC 1429, formerly titled “Application to Receive Information as a Victim”, is now titled “Request for Victim Registration”.

The CD now refers to Primary Workers when they have the same responsibilities as Parole Officers.

The task of confirming victims’ identity has been removed from the victim registration process.

The concept of service standards has been introduced with respect to the timeframes within which victims receive notifications as referenced in Annex C – Victim Services Notification Guide.

Operational sites are no longer required to forward victim information saved in the Police and Court Information Management Module (PCIMM) to the regional Victim Services Units, as the Units now have access to PCIMM.

Wording has been changed to clarify that CSC takes into consideration all types of information related to risk, but only written victim information and/or victim statements are considered in decision making about offenders’ releases. Photographs submitted by victims will only be considered if they relate to possible risk.

Policy clarification has been added about disclosure of information about an offender believed to be under any protection agreement or program.

Interpretation of the definition of “victim” and clarification of the criteria to receive information as a victim have been moved from Annex A to the body of the policy.

A definition of “information from a member of the public” has been added to Annex A.

The following items have been modified in Annex C – Victim Services Notification Guide, to clarify procedures.

How was it developed?

These amendments were developed by National Headquarters Victim Services, in collaboration with Strategic Policy. Consultation occurred with internal and external stakeholders, including Inmate Committees.


Roles and responsibilities are detailed in the policy document.

Who will be affected by the policy?

Staff responsible for considering victim information and for sharing information with victims.

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