Policy Bulletin 634

Policy Bulletin

Number: 634

In Effect: 2019-04-29

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Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 784 – Victim Engagement

Policy number and title:

Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 784 – Victim Engagement

Why was the policy changed?

A technical amendment has been made to CD 784 to reflect current practice. The need to clarify the wording in Annex C was identified following the last promulgation of this CD in December 2018.

What has changed?

Under the Case Management Event “Absence for Court” in Annex C, absences authorized by the Institutional Head have been removed to clarify that Sentence Management is responsible for informing the Victim Services Unit of offender absences for court based on a Judge’s order. This applies whether Correctional Service of Canada personnel or provincial officials escort the offender.

When Institutional Heads authorize escorted temporary absences for offenders to address legal matters, the information in Annex C under “Escorted Temporary Absence (ETA) Decision” and “Escorted Temporary Absence (actual occurrence)” still applies. No change has been made to these items.

How was it developed?

These amendments were developed by National Headquarters Victim Services, in collaboration with Strategic Policy. Consultation occurred with the Correctional Operations and Programs Sector and the Women Offender Sector.

Who will be affected by the policy?

Institutional Sentence Management staff responsible for informing the Victim Services Units of offender absences authorized by a Judge’s order to appear in court.


Institutional Sentence Management.

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