Interim Policy Bulletin 645

Interim Policy Bulletin

Policy number and title:

Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 568-10 – Interception of Inmate Communications

Why was the policy changed?

The policy was changed in response to an identified need to clarify policy direction with regards to CSC’s interception of inmate communications. The ensuing changes are effective immediately and will be reflected in the Commissioner’s Directive when it is updated.

What has changed?

Interception of Communications

Only the Institutional Head or the Deputy Warden are permitted to authorize the interception of an inmate’s communications. Additional requirements prior to authorizing an intercept request include the following components:

The Institutional Head will ensure:

Recording, Reporting & Retention of Information

The Security Intelligence Officer will:


The Institutional Head or staff member designated by the Institutional Head will promptly inform the inmate in writing of the reasons for the interception pursuant to section 94(3) of the CCRR. 

The Security Intelligence Officer will:

Privileged Correspondence

Solicitor-client communication is privileged and this privilege is near absolute.

The Institutional Head or delegate will ensure:

The Security Intelligence Officer will ensure:

How was it developed?

This Interim Policy Bulletin was developed by Preventive Security and Intelligence in collaboration with Strategic Policy. 

Who will be affected by the policy?

Applies to managers and staff who authorize and implement lawful interception of inmate communications (telephone conversations, correspondence or communications in the course of a visit).

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