Interim Policy Bulletin 652

Interim Policy Bulletin

Policy numbers and titles:

Privileged correspondents

Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 085 - Correspondence and telephone communication

CD 568-10 – Interception of inmate communications

Why were the policies changed?

Amendments were made to the Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations (CCRR) with regards to the identification of privileged correspondents.

As a result of these regulatory changes, the following amendments to policy take effect immediately and will be reflected in Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 085 and CD 568‑10 when the CDs are updated and sent out for consultation over the next quarter.

What has changed?

The list of privileged correspondents (the Schedule), pursuant to subsection 94(2) of the CCRR, has been revised as follows:

  1. Solicitor General of Canada is replaced with Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.
  2. Judges and provincial court judges of Canadian courts, including the registrars of those courts, is replaced with Judges of Canadian courts, including provincial court judges and the registrars of those courts.
  1. Members of provincial legislatures is replaced with Members of provincial legislative assemblies.
  2. Members of the Legislative Council for the Yukon or the Northwest Territories is replaced with Members of the Legislative Assembly of Yukon, the Northwest Territories or Nunavut.
  3. Deputy Solicitor General of Canada is replaced with Deputy Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.
  4. Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada is replaced with Commissioner of Corrections
  5. Chairperson of the National Parole Board is replaced with Chairperson of the Parole Board of Canada.
  1. Assistant Commissioner, Audit and Investigations of the Correctional Service of Canada, is changed to Persons within the Correctional Service of Canada responsible for internal audits and investigations.

The following members have been added to the schedule:

  1. Independent external decision-makers
  2. Police Ethics Commissioner for the Province of Quebec
  3. Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada
  4. Members of the Correctional Service of Canada Office of Internal Disclosure
  5. Any Chief Electoral Officer in Canada

How were they developed?

This Interim Policy Bulletin was developed by the Preventive Security and Intelligence Branch in collaboration with the Strategic Policy Division. Given the technical nature of these amendments, formal consultation will not be undertaken until the CDs are revised.

Who will be affected by the policy?

While all staff are potentially affected, the amendments are especially significant to Security Intelligence staff, offenders, and Visits and Correspondence staff.



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