Interim Policy Bulletin 660

Interim Policy Bulletin

Policy numbers and titles:

Guidelines (GL) 711-1 – Structured Intervention Unit (SIU) Transfer Procedures – SIU Sites

GL 711-2 – Structured Intervention Unit (SIU) Transfer Procedures – Non-SIU Sites

Why were the policies changed?

The concept of “continuation of confinement in a Structured Intervention Unit” has been removed from GLs 711-1 and 711-2. This concept has been difficult to interpret, leading to multiple review and decision timelines that were not originally intended.

The concept of “continuation of confinement” was originally put in place during the segregation regime to ensure that our oversight criteria would capture difficult cases involving frequent placement in and out of segregation in a very short timeframe.

The SIU model implemented on November 30, 2019 contains safeguards that render the concept of “continuation of confinement” redundant. These safeguards include reviews by Independent External Decision Makers (IEDM) of an inmate’s conditions of confinement when they have not participated in the minimum four hours of time outside their cell and two hours of opportunity to interact with others for five consecutive days. IEDMs also provide additional oversight of SIU cases where multiple transfers occur in and out of an SIU in a short timeframe. With these safeguards in place, the concept of “continuation of confinement” is no longer required to trigger a higher level review.

What has changed?

Paragraph 10 of GL 711-1, as well as Annex I, Continuation of Confinement in a Structured Intervention Unit, are rescinded.

Paragraph 12 of GL 711-2, as well as Annex F, Continuation of Confinement in a Structured Intervention Unit, are also rescinded.

Any authorized transfer to an SIU will count exclusively as the inmate’s first day in an SIU. Previous time spent in an SIU will no longer be considered when determining review and decision timeframes.

How was it developed?

This Interim Policy Bulletin was developed by the SIU Implementation Team, in consultation with the regions and in collaboration with the Strategic Policy Division.

Who will be affected by the policies?

These policies apply to all staff responsible for the transfer of inmates to an SIU.



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Other impacts?




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