Policy Bulletin 667

Policy Bulletin

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Commissioner’s Directive 767 – Ethnocultural Offenders: Services and Interventions

Why was the policy changed?

CD 767 – Ethnocultural Offenders: Services and Interventions was changed in order to reflect the Correctional Service of Canada’s (CSC) organizational structure that took effect in March 2015, and to include new requirements in the management of ethnocultural offenders.

What has changed?

Significant changes have been made to CD 767.  Responsibilities have either been added or revised. Those impacted will need to familiarize themselves with the details contained in the updated policy.

How was it developed?

This policy was reviewed and amended by the Correctional Operations and Programs Sector, in collaboration with the Policy Sector and a national working group, which included members of the NEAC. Consultations were held with internal and external stakeholders.

Who will be affected by the policy?

The changes will affect all staff working with ethnocultural offenders and/or responsible for ethnocultural services and interventions.


Roles and responsibilities are detailed in the policy document.

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