Interim Policy Bulletin 673

Interim Policy Bulletin

Number: 673

In Effect: 2021-08-16

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Management of Correctional Service of Canada Volunteers

Policy numbers and titles:

Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 024 – Management of the Correctional Service of Canada Volunteers

Why was the policy changed?

This policy is being amended to facilitate site access status for certain CSC volunteers entering CSC facilities. Previously, all CSC volunteers were required to have and maintain valid security screening at the reliability status level, as per CD 564-1 – Individual Security Screening. Site access status, which is a lower level of security screening than reliability status, has since been made available. This security level allows CSC volunteers to carry out activities that do not require access to sensitive information and/or assets, and involves a less intrusive security screening process.

What has changed?

Paragraph 1. c. now reads as follows:

c. Has a valid security status per Commissioner's Directive (CD) 564-1 – Individual Security Screening, with the exception of Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) members and National and Regional Ethnocultural Advisory Committee (NEAC/REAC) members, who are required to have a valid reliability status due to the nature of their volunteer duties.

Paragraph 4 now reads as follows:

CAC members must comply with the directives outlined in CD 023 – Citizen Advisory Committees and NEAC/REAC members must comply with the directives outlined in CD 767 – Ethnocultural Offenders: Services and Interventions.

Paragraphs 11. c. and f. now read as follows :

c. Facilitate and coordinate the volunteer application and security screening processes and ensure a CSC Volunteer Security Screening Requirements Assessment Checklist is completed for applicants and/or existing volunteers requiring the amendment or renewal of their security status, to assess and identify security status requirements, as applicable.

f. Ensure that prior to the commencement of their activities, all volunteers carrying out duties associated to a risk-assessed, approved and supervised volunteer activity have a valid security status, as defined in CD 564-1 – Individual Security Screening. The security screening requirement is based on :

  1. the duties to be carried out within the scope of the CSC risk‑assessed and approved volunteer activity, and
  2. the level of access required to sensitive information and/or assets.

Paragraph 23 now reads as follows:

All applicants must be granted a valid security status at the appropriate level, and therefore must complete the Personnel Screening, Consent and Authorization Form (TBS/SCT 330-23), which will be processed by the Departmental Security Division in accordance with CD 564-1 – Individual Security Screening.

How was it developed?

The changes were developed by the Communications and Engagement Sector in consultation with Departmental Security Division, Strategic Policy Division, and national, regional and site-level staff.

Who will be affected by the policy?

CSC volunteers, staff responsible for facilitating and coordinating the volunteer application and security screening process and Departmental Security staff will be affected by the changes in policy.


Accountabilities from the policy changes will be held by the Assistant Commissioner, Communications and Engagement; the Assistant Commissioner, Correctional Operations and Programs; and the Regional Deputy Commissioners.

Expected cost?


Other impacts?

The Departmental Security Division (NHQ) will make available a new ID card for the additional security status and provide national direction to CSC staff regarding Treasury Board standards and CSC criteria in relation to security status requirements.



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