Interim Policy Bulletin 676

Interim Policy Bulletin

Number: 676

In Effect: 2021-08-30

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Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 860 – Offender’s Money

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Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 860 – Offender’s Money

Why was the policy changed?

Modifications were made to this policy in response to the recommendations of the Internal Audit Sector's Inmate Trust Fund (ITF) Audit (July 2020).

The policy was also revised to reflect the change in the maximum amount of petty cash funds that can be provided to offenders upon their release, as directed in Financial Bulletin (FOps-BUL-2013-330).

What has changed?

Significant changes to CD 860 have been made. These changes are identified below and will be incorporated in the upcoming revised version of the policy.


The Institutional Head will now have the responsibility to establish the process for approving or denying requests to transfer funds from the savings account to the current account in accordance with the limits prescribed in the policy.

When the Institutional Head/District Director approves reductions or waivers for food, accommodations, and/or the administration of the Inmate Telephone System, they will set six month limits, which include a start date and an end date.

Deductions from Inmate Income

Clarification has been made to stipulate that the same criteria used for Food and Accommodation deductions will also apply to the Inmate Telephone System (paragraphs 5 and 7-14 apply). Clarification has also been made to specify that the same procedures that are used for reducing or waiving deductions for Food and Accommodation will also apply to the Inmate Telephone System.

Current and Savings Accounts

The current policy requires the existence of a verifiable legitimate relationship between the offender and the sender when money is mailed to an offender. This remains unchanged. For more information with regard to these relationships, please refer to a new protocol that has been developed. The Deposit Validation Protocol (October 2020) ensures national consistency in the validation and the verification of funds from outside sources that are deposited into ITF accounts.

Sites are to use the Protocol to validate and verify the sources of funds sent to offenders.

Withdrawals and Disbursements

Clarification regarding which funds can be withdrawn or disbursed from the offender’s savings account and who can approve these transactions has been added to the policy.

Release of Inmate

The policy has been revised to include an increase in the maximum amount of cash that can be provided to an offender upon release, from $200 to $750. The remainder of funds credited to an offender in their ITF should be released to them in a Receiver General of Canada cheque, in accordance with Financial Bulletin (FOps-BUL-2013-330).

Clarity has been provided regarding the “top-up” amount that is provided to offenders upon release if the amount in their ITF accounts is less than $50.


The definition of income has been revised to include funds through investment as a source of income.

Other changes

Amendments were made to include gender-neutral language, where appropriate.

All references to the English term “Aboriginal” have been replaced with the term “Indigenous”.

Who will be affected by the policy?

The changes will affect all staff involved in the administration of offender money.

How was it developed?

This interim direction was developed by the Reintegration Services Division, in consultation with the Preventive Security and Intelligence Branch, the Corporate Services Sector and the Strategic Policy Division, in response to the Internal Audit Sector’s findings and associated recommendations.



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Anne Kelly

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