Policy Bulletin 695

Policy Bulletin

Number: 695

In Effect: 2022-12-12

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CD 320

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Commissioner’s Directive (CD) 320 – Management of Facilities Maintenance

Why was the policy changed?

This CD has been revised to include policy direction resulting from the implementation of the new regional governance structure for facilities management in 2016. The new governance structure was developed to ensure a consistent approach to facilities management. This revision was necessary to direct management responsibilities, as well as the responsibilities for the delivery of facilities maintenance services, at the regional level, rather than at the institutional level.

What has changed?

Changes were made to the appearance of the CD to ensure it aligns with the standardized format.

Substantive amendments were made throughout the CD to clarify policy direction and to add staff responsibilities to align the management and service delivery of facilities maintenance with the new governance structure.

Governance Structure

The Regional Manager, Engineering and Maintenance (RMEM), the Chief and the Supervisor, Facilities Management (CFM and SFM), as well as the Chief Operating Engineer/ Engineering Supervisor (COE/ES), at the site level, but reporting to the RMEM, are now responsible to deliver all facilities maintenance services.

The CORCAN Operations Manager, the Regional Director, Health Services, as well as the Assistant Warden, Management Services, and the Assistant District Director, Management Services, at the site level, are now responsible, in collaboration with the CFM, SFM, and the COE/ES, to coordinate all maintenance activities for their sites.

Computerized Maintenance Management System

Staff responsibilities for the implementation, management and use of the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) have been clarified and expanded to ensure conformity.

The facilities maintenance staff will use CMMS to program, track, assign and report on all maintenance assets and activities.

All CSC employees will use CMMS to submit and track all maintenance requests. Reports will be created by the facilities maintenance staff based on the data retrieved from CMMS to have a better understanding of the state of the facilities and to improve facilities planning.

How was it developed?

The policy was reviewed and modified by the Technical Services and Facilities Branch, in collaboration with the Strategic Policy Division and the Regional Managers, Engineering and Maintenance at Regional Headquarters. Consultation occurred with internal and external stakeholders.

Who will be affected by the policy?

All staff and contractors involved in maintenance services of facilities for which CSC is the custodian.

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