Commissioner's Directive

Case Preparation and Pre-release Framework


  1. To provide direction for case preparation and release processes while assisting in the protection of society and promoting timely reintegration.


  1. Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA), sections 3, 3.1, 4, 15.1, 26, 27,
    81(3), 94, 102, 127, 127.1, 129, 130, 131, 132 and 133

    Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations, sections 3, 4, 5, 114 and 160


  1. This Commissioner's Directive applies to staff responsible for case preparation, pre-release decision making and presenting cases to the Parole Board of Canada.


  1. The Regional Deputy Commissioner will:
    1. maintain procedures to ensure timeframes for the review and referral of cases for detention are met;
    2. ensure that policies are effectively communicated to operational units and monitored;
    3. ensure that operational reviews of policies and procedures are conducted on a regular basis;
    4. ensure significant staff safety issues are dealt with as per the Employee Protection Program Guidelines; and
    5. when applicable, immediately contact the Commissioner requesting that the powers of the Service under subsection 129(8) of the CCRA be delegated to the Province.
  2. The Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Institutional Operations:
    1. will promote and facilitate the continuity of correctional planning for offenders between institutional and community staff; and
    2. may, in accordance with subsections 131(4), 133(4.1) and 133(4.4) of the CCRA, consent in writing to an offender's residency requirement in a penitentiary or a Community Correctional Centre.
  3. The Institutional Head/District Director will:
    1. ensure the principles and procedures relating to the pre-release decision process are adhered to;
    2. establish and maintain a process to address cases considered for detention referral;
    3. ensure a process is in place for the maintenance and monitoring of the Correctional Plan;
    4. maintain procedures to ensure timeframes for the review of conditional release are met;
    5. establish a monitoring process to ensure accurate, complete and appropriate recording of reasons for all waivers, postponements and withdrawals;
    6. ensure procedures for high profile offenders are followed as per CD 701 - Information Sharing;
    7. ensure processes outlined in CD 784 - Information Sharing Between Victims and the Correctional Service of Canada are respected; and
    8. in accordance with subsection 94(1) of the CCRA, approve temporary accommodation in the penitentiary beyond statutory release.
  4. The District Director will establish a process to ensure case preparation for detention for those federal offenders under provincial custody.
  5. The Assistant Warden, Interventions, and the Area Director will maintain an active awareness of issues and events that may influence the safe re-entry of offenders into the community.
  6. The Manager, Assessment and Interventions/Manager, Intensive Intervention Strategy, and the Parole Officer Supervisor will:
    1. ensure continuity of the Correctional Plan;
    2. ensure institutional case management practices, interventions, and release strategies are in line with requirements;
    3. provide supervision of and guidance to Parole Officers to ensure the quality of reports;
    4. conduct ongoing and regular case conferences to identify and confirm the most effective correctional interventions;
    5. ensure any case management issues related to safety and security are identified and actioned;
    6. ensure consistent information sharing practices as per CD 701 - Information Sharing; and
    7. ensure communication between the institution and the community.
  7. The Security Intelligence Officer will:
    1. disclose Preventive Security information to staff as required; and
    2. prepare a gist of protected intelligence information as required.


  1. The case preparation and pre-release framework is comprised of the following stages:
    1. CD 712-1 - Pre-Release Decision Making - identifies responsibilities and processes for pre-release decisions and case preparation;
    2. CD 712-2 - Detention - outlines processes to identify inmates who meet the criteria for detention review;
    3. CD 712-3 - Parole Board of Canada Hearings - provides direction regarding the Parole Board of Canada hearing process;
    4. CD 712-4 - Release Process - provides direction on the release process to support offenders' transition to the community; and
    5. CD 712-5 - Pre-Release Case Preparation for Provincial/Territorial Offenders and Federal Offenders Incarcerated in Provincial/Territorial Facilities - provides direction for pre-release case preparation for provincial/territorial offenders and federal offenders incarcerated in provincial/territorial facilities.


  1. Strategic Policy Division
    National Headquarters


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Don Head




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